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Less illustriously, she can also count a victory in 2007's Celebrity Sissorhands, participation in Cirque du Celebrity and Celebrity Masterchef and success in dog obedience training programme The Underdog Show, as well as straight acting roles.
By then, Scotland had thrown on the illustriously named Amy McDonald in a bid to prompt an equaliser.
They are an illustriously bred group, and each seems guaranteed to be better for time and experience.
After the final whistle on March 18, 1978, Gareth Edwards was swamped for the last time by the adoring Welsh rugby fans who had followed his every break in the No 9 shirt he had worn illustriously in 53 tests.
The volume's appeal is enhanced not only by Maddox's thoroughness and penetrating analysis of events but by two sets of pictures that carry the reader illustriously from Jones' childhood to old age.
But here, guite literally, was a wonderfully singing and illustriously feminine interpretation of an evergreen favourite, written by Bruch before he arrived for three years as the Phil's musical director during the 1880s.