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Illustriously carrying young readers through this story drawn from Cherokee traditional lore, Rabbit Plants The Forest follows Ji-Stu and Sa-lo-li in their adventurous quest to plant hickory nuts, walnuts, pecans and acorns (which her family have planted since the world began) to keep the forest a thick and beautiful place.
Perhaps he's considered too lightweight compared to the more illustriously groundbreaking names of Debussy, Ravel and Messiaen.
In estate churches (as well as, more illustriously, in Westminster Abbey) monuments to the noble dead occupied and defined a social space, ranked not only by their size and the richness of their materials but by their location: those situated within the chancel rail, for example, held th e most desirable "place" since the congregation facing the high altar would have them constantly in view.
If anyone, it is Republicans who have proven illustriously that engaging Chinese dictators--nay, perhaps even coddling them--while their people quietly take over might be the most subversive strategy that we have.
Raised on Hegelian idealism, which was most illustriously and profoundly represented in Italy by Benedetto Croce, Bobbio was in fact to remain forever marked by the desire to associate social justice with "formal" freedoms, to use the Marxist term, in the conditions of the modern State.
Timoteo worked, not illustriously, with Giovanni Santi and, more successfully, with Santi's young orphan Raphael, whom he partly instructed, although soon the mentor learned from the pupil.
These values are never more illustriously reflected than in the field of fashion.
It hardly needs saying that breeders have expected better from an illustriously bred Classic winner who has been afforded an abundance of chances.
Edward Williams was unquestionably related to the centuries old well-known Williams family, mainly of the Rhymney Valley area, who were diversely yeomen farmers, cloth manufacturers and fullers, innkeepers and more illustriously early coal owners and iron-making entrepreneurs in Merthyr Tydfil and the Rhondda.