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The image receptor should be placed as close as possible to the patient (Kahler 2004).
Image receptor misplacement was also the second most common cause for periapical retakes (9.
39) To minimize errors, radiographers should follow the 4 steps for the exposure of diagnostic radiographic images: horizontal angulation, vertical angulation, centering the position-indicating device and proper placement of the image receptor.
Positioned after the image receptor to minimize object-to-image distance, the AEC's detector (either an ionization chamber or a solid-state diode) estimates the beam quality after it passes through the breast, thereby allowing an assessment of breast tissue composition and selection of the correct target/filter combination.
Advances in technology have created innovative imaging modalities for intraoral radiography that eliminate film as the traditional image receptor.
The source to image receptor distance (SID) is 44 inches.
One advantage of this system is that when viewing the soft copy image display, the technologist can immediately catch errors--such as the backward placement of the image receptor.
The bulk of the book discusses the many facets of image production, from the generation of radiation and radiation's interaction with matter, to visibility factors, equipment, image receptor systems, geometrical factors and analyzing images.