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Evaluation of component positioning in primary total hip arthroplasty using an imageless navigation device compared with traditional methods.
0 (BrainLAB, Heimstetten, Germany) imageless computer navigation unit was used in all cases for intraoperative planning and guidewire insertion.
In the hands of an experienced resurfacing surgeon, there was no learning curve observed with the addition of imageless navigation.
Particularly Blanchot's conception of a authorless, non-intentional, and non-specular language--articulated in his 1957 essay "Parler, c'est ne pas voir"--allows Bruns to loop back to Hartman's early argument about Romanticism's project of an "unmediated" and imageless vision.
A long hallway separated the two primary elements of Lothar Baumgarten's recent show at Marian Goodman, suggesting the distance between the locales of the projects--one focused on the South American rain forest, the other on the Hudson River Valley north of New York City--as well as the contrast in approaches (soundless imagery for the former, imageless sound for the latter) to what turned out to be congruent conceptual goals, namely an investigation of how "knowledge" of a given place is constructed.
That it is not however imageless is implied by the incantatory magic of Prometheus' earlier speeches and Shelley's enfolding verse.
Exactly this change in levels transforms the apparently visually formed space into an imageless space of thought.
With its octagonal shape, inspired by an eleventh-century baptistery in Torcello, and its evocative variations on the triptych format, which once had contained Christian narratives but now had become hauntingly imageless, the Rothko Chapel, as it came to be called, summed up, in my new scheme of things, countless Romantic problems and ambitions, all responses to the crisis of faith in organized religion that launched the nineteenth century.
The importance of such formless and imageless "breathings," and of our accession to them, is that they make it possible for "the soul / [to remember] how she felt" while "what she felt / Remembering not.
Such projects cannot be separated from Huyghe's exhibitions, imageless films, cinematic remakes, or construction-site billboards: all are geared toward producing what Huyghe calls "connective images" - images that attempt not to represent the world, but to place us at once within and outside the processes by which we visualize and construct our realities.
If the Abysm Could vomit forth its secrets:--but a voice Is wanting, the deep truth is imageless.
By adoring the democratic promiscuity of the image, Warhol was providing a precis of the imageless, which Tiravanija uses to full advantage by creating something in which the importance of the image is practically nil, an art of "where" and "when" and only later of "what.