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2013) "The Imageless Thought Controversy" in The Philosophical Background and Scientific Legacy of E.
If accessibility is one of the ambitions of the series, the book's bland, imageless design and unbroken blocks of text isn't doing it any favors.
Or, the body torn into the arena of the amphitheater is the clearest representation of this disorganized body, full, reduced to one carnal mass in a slaughter that occurs in the linear-binary system of the series of double theater: "This imageless, organless body, the nonproductive, exists right there where it is produced, in the third stage of the binary-linear series" (Deleuze & Guattari 2008: 14, 21).
It is silent, imageless, and loving communion with God that transcends all discursiveness" (Nemeck & Coombs, 1982, p.
Poetry mediates his emotions, not because their deep truth is imageless, but quite simply by dictating feeling.
In distinction to the saying of the poet (the last part of The Event has extensive meditations on poetry and thinking), the saying of the thinker is imageless and occurs in a "notbeing-at-home.
They were trained to stand by themselves "on an imageless field" (46), bereft of memories and sensations.
Ultimately, the empty framed photograph stages what Michael Fried, in relation to a particularly dark, quasi imageless photograph in Hiroshi Sugimoto's "Seascapes" series, calls "a strategy of exclusion" (298) to force the rejection of popular notions of the photographic image as indexical of exterior reality.
Under the influence of Hellenistic philosophy and the Christian contemplative tradition, mainly through ascetics such as Evagrius Ponticus (345-399), an iconoclastic current developed in the fourth century, closely connected with the practice of imageless prayer.
Arthur explicitly acknowledges the English poet's influence in "Aspirations," a nearly imageless expository poem that struggles, with startling bluntness, to articulate the ultimate goals of the practicing poet: "to address mystery / without being mysterious, / never expecting anyone / to know, speaking only for yourself // but not being self-centered, conducting yourself / as if your work matters, knowing nothing // makes nothing happen .
As Ozment notes, "an imageless faith was impossible" (p.
Imageless computer assisted versus conventional total knee replacement: a Bayesian meta-analysis of 23comparative studies.