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Priestley joined them in imagining that the universality of the Christian message lay in its unremitting address to the imaginably actual persons who were its readers.
On the other hand, it is difficult or nearly impossible to describe a "fling," "teenage crush," or "one-night stand" in terms of JOURNEY, even if this second option might be imaginably closer to LOVE than a typical employer-employee relationship.
If Pacifica did not apply to cable TV, it could not imaginably apply to the Internet, a medium much less like television.
which I do not equate with our ignorance of Shakespeare's birth, but of our ways, in James's phrase, of "get [ting] at" the man in the artist, which is to say, of getting at the art, at this way of making something happen, of tracing what imaginably gives birth to what, by using what James calls "indirectness.
Managers must assume responsibility for the data entrusted to their organizations, and they should expect to be held accountable in every negative connotation which that term imaginably possesses[2].
He knows that he will be treated to even more of the same politically motivated fire unless he is able to demonstrate that he looked at every scrap of paper, relevant or not; talked to every conceivable witness, and then some; and in short pursued each and every crackpot avenue that any conspiracy theorist could imaginably posit.
The characters could imaginably lead ordinary, successful and conventional lives, were it not for the events of external reality which shatter the reasonable life plans they made for themselves.
26) In the modern United States of America however, "national politics are not imaginably the arena of self-government in its positive, freedom-giving sense.
B is not a threat to us because B does not exist either, could not imaginably exist.
In an undeveloped aside Stonum notes that "Dickinson might imaginably object as much to the masculinism that saturates these identificatory theories as to their willingness to accept the costs of mastery" (131--32), but this material is peripheral to his focus on Dickinson's deviation from established interpretive models.
13] Imaginably, the same may occur in the practice of medicine, particularly within those locales without teaching institutions and the accompanying captive labor of interns and residents.
KrEnhenbE-hl is expected say that these attacks as a "source of universal shame" adding: "Nothing justified or could imaginably justify Israel's shelling of UN premises being used as civilian shelters, all of which has repeatedly been duly notified precisely to ensure that they would be preserved.