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From the start, the Cuban-born Pardo has consistently plumbed every discrepancy that could imaginably obtain between the so-called third world and the first.
the post modern has thus for Compagnon and others at least one imaginably positive function: to cleanse the modern tradition of its anti- or trans-aesthetic motives, to purify it of whatever was prototypical or historical, or even collective, in it, to return artistic production to the disinterested aesthetic activity that a certain bourgeois tradition (but not that of the artists themselves) always attributed to it.
Lopez might imaginably have made a Second Amendment argument, but he did
And John Martin's illustrations provided for the nineteenth century what films like Star Wars, or a television series like Babylon 5 (1994-98) provided for the later twentieth century: a visual actualisation of realms beyond human experience but which are brought within the imaginably real by the power of artistic depiction.
She is called "the oldest of all the whores" (269), imaginably sharing with Johanna both motherhood and whorehood.
It is a revelation for us all, of the real existence of the global nuclear regime feeding itself from globally distributing nuclearity, and of the fact that it would not only dare persist in nuclear power even after the imaginably worst disaster but also even utilize the catastrophic situation in order to maintain its rule.
Such deficits could imaginably lead to distress even in the absence of substantial behavioral abnormalities.
It is an affected ending, but not one that botches the poem (which is, imaginably, a paean to the likely now-faded beauty of the Miss Benjamin who had first stirred Layton's sexual urges as an adolescent).
The counterpublication of a similar image by any given terrorist organization would, imaginably, be given as proof of their "inhumanity"--indeed, that was one of the stock reactions to the beheading videos.
the legal system could imaginably make anything happen, it is
Every imaginably feature of the internet is shown: from Google searches to posts on an internet forum.
And it thus rehearses a series of explanations of history and history-like fiction that appear throughout the eighteenth century--that their power lies not so much in their being actual as in their being imaginably actualizable for their readers.