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Narrative imaginal pedagogy seeks to create dramatic tension and delayed resolution of the themes and plots at play in the story being told.
A randomized trial of cognitive therapy and imaginal exposure in the treatment of chronic post-traumatic stress disorder.
These images being real one can ask where they come from (although it is clear that they do not come from an elsewhere in the form of the divine, the imaginal or even the world of death).
Cognitive interventions involve discussing the changes that take place during in vivo and imaginal exposure, such as:
Skinner's description of the covert creativity is essentially equivalent to a DCT description in terms of interactive imaginal and verbal representational processes.
De acuerdo con Cohen (1993) la proliferacion celular que da origen al aparato bucal proviene de un solo disco imaginal.
Ditirambos persiste un paisaje interno mas que externo, como una metafora del reino imaginal en el que moran los arquetipos en forma de dioses.
Immediately after the imaginal molt, adult insects were transferred to cages (20 x 30 x 15 cm) for experiments.
The presence of the combination of characters: wing with a characteristic colour pattern, prealars not extending anterior to level of median anepisternum, reduced chaetotaxy of abdominal tergites, anal point absent, and crista dorsalis with strong conical tooth on the distal part, allows the differentiation of Oliveiriella from Cricotopus in the male imaginal stage.
In the context of his commentary upon this tradition, Sadra discusses the nature of imaginal forms and provides a general explanation of how death is a type of awakening.
Hermans (2002b) described the dialogical self as a dynamic multiplicity of I-positions in an imaginal landscape' (p.
Eugene Friends of Jung - "The Imaginal World of Alchemy," a lecture by Ruthann Duncan, will be from 7:30 p.