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Put simply, while the first count symbolically produces the one, the second count, the count of the count, imaginarily is one.
In the process, he locates nanotech within the syntactical structure of printed language, imaginarily packing hundreds of nanoscale "components" and "particles" into "the period at the end of this sentence.
Let us compare two possible scenarios, only imaginarily incompatible, by which a metaphysics of self can become a means or a hindrance to moral pluralism.
Durateau's body is, imaginarily, compatible with the impression which Tristan's voice creates, thus formally realizing the perfect synchronization strived for in postdubbing.
The question that needs answering is: who is in effective control of society's combined resources, the "associated producers" or an extraneous decision making force, even if the latter is ideologically embellished with the name of Adam Smith's imaginarily benevolent "invisible hand"?
Marcel's insinuations, accusations, and manipulations are all compulsive, aggressive gestures fabricated to test the limits of the desire of the other to serve him as an object, to test the imaginarily limitless nature of the desire of the Other.
What is at stake in the conviction that, given a sound heart, the little guy (lower-class, but imaginarily beyond class: himself alone) can get it right, achieve conversion, and triumph over socially imposed obstacles?
God's Imaginarily disrupted Symbolic language, his moment of deception in "testing" Adam, and the end-product of his final creative act betray gynetic influence--a disruption of the phallic creative process by (M)Other Desire.
Language plays an important role in socially constructing a reality of imaginarily produced time and space domains.
Even as they were imaginarily exposed to the royal eye by Jonson's verse, the deviant acts perpetrated in deep vaults were represented in terms of unimaginable evils.
looks at this narrative reality as something which could be imaginarily possible .