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Even if the ale were imaginary in this scene, the shepherds' interaction with the bottle and cup confuses the issue, as the ale's imaginariness would not be clear to the audience when the shepherds drink from the bottle or cup.
(7) Since there are few studies on food and beverage advertisements in magazines and their importance in the social sphere, this research is justified by the contribution to understanding the meaning of the codes established in the universe of human discourse and allows to understand the production of representation of women's bodies in the social imaginariness.
Therefore, investigating a social reality presupposes having a coordinated set of representations, a structure of meanings that circulate among its members through different forms of language: this set is the social imaginariness. (9)
Also affected by such imaginariness, obsession with perfect bodies has been observed in speeches and images released by health professionals in social media, such as (mobile photo-sharing application and service) Instagram.
Even though they are out of proportion for normal standards, the strength of these images on covers and television programs helps to consolidate in the population's imaginariness certain ideal types that must be pursued in terms of eating right, body structure and healthy habits.
9) (73) synthesizes this sentiment into a slogan proposal for such a body market: "There are no fat and ugly individuals, only fat and lazy individuals." When considering the "culture of narcissism," the author presents the prevailing vision in the imaginariness of the people from the city of Rio de Janeiro in Brazil:
Fischler can contribute on the loose threads of this search by presenting that man is an omnivore that feeds on meat, vegetables and "[...] on the imaginariness. Food refers to biology, but it does not remain there.
Forces that build a new social imaginariness. A picnic here distinguished not only from that of nineteenth-century France but as a producer of differences among those of Ginasio Santa Catarina and so many others in the city.