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With an imaginative staging of lights and oversized shadows, the artist invites the audience to enter her unique world where forks become threatening trees and a toast rack creates the large alley of a mall.
Literature and Truth: Imaginative Writing as a Medium for Ideas
When parents lead their children through guided times of imaginative prayer, they can experience a connection with God that transcends mere Bible knowledge or doctrinal content.
Imaginative play is so important to your child's social, cognitive and emotional development.
Darcy Burdock is an engaging, imaginative 10 year old, just about to start at 'Big School'.
As a component of an integral model of empathy, a counselor's imaginative faculty contributes to empathically understanding a diverse range of clients.
Barnett claims that the public debate over the nature of universities is imaginatively stunted: to speak of the ideas of the imaginary and the imagination in relation to the university is to point to the power of imagination as heralding a bold leap for freedom and to the possibility of a collective imaginary emerging from those individual imaginative efforts.
Smart toys can provide several alternatives for children, such as supporting collaborative play, active reaction, and imaginative play.
One of the book's strengths is its comprehensiveness but it also shows the imaginative qualities that it is arguing for.
Summary: Zac Efron revealed his top dating tip was to "do something imaginative like take them to the beach".
We need to do something more imaginative with Birkenhead Market, which is a potential draw into Wirral for people, and linking that with Hamilton Square and Woodside.
The subtitle to my textbook is Developing an Imaginative Literacy, and, although I can't recall how I came up with this wording, I know my exposure to Frye's work influenced my choice of words.