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"Creative imaginativeness is a cognitive skill to envision something that cannot be or is not currently being observed for the purposes of novel, original, artistic, or innovative creation.
(5.2.350-54) (2) The source of this allusion has remained unremarked in the play's critical exegeses, and has been regarded silently as an instance of Shakespeare's literary imaginativeness in keeping with the rest of the geographic references (to Arabia and Judea or India) in the lines preceding the passage in the same speech.' Yet, just a few years before the staging of the play, there may have circulated in some circles in London a manuscript account of an Englishman's recent journey to Aleppo with the following passage in it:
They must have some element of fantasy, some imaginativeness. Yet how many sustainability scenarios appear to be merely tempered version of the semi-urban, bourgeois, developed nation consumer culture present: nuclear families with distinct, yet culturally non-diverse, domiciles in landscaped streets (always with pleasant weather).
So, too, does Welling's use of a mechanical eye highlight the imaginativeness of Wyeth's "conservative" realism; the painter rendered domestic details in his own idiosyncratic way.
To celebrate the 25th anniversary of the small but ambitious Spanish “Festival Internacional de Musica Castell de Peralada,” the Catalan theater collective La FuradelsBaus and its director Carlus Padrissa have staged Gluck's opera Orfeo ed Euridice with three splendid female voices and in a production that wonderfully reflects the Fura's never-failing imaginativeness.
The aim of this paper is to explain why imaginativeness is valuable.
Passmore e Egan colocam a enfase na <<capacidade de imaginar>> (imaginativeness), que e sinonimo de <<ser imaginativo>> e corresponde a <<mente a trabalhar>> livremente, opondo-se a fantasia (fancy), <<mente a brincar>>, <<sonhar acordado>>.
(3) His essay "The Celtic Element in Literature" begins with quotations from Ernest Renan and Matthew Arnold, for whom the Celtic peoples--Valle's Galicians among them--were charaterized by their passion for nature, imaginativeness, and melancholy (Yeats The Major Works 370).
Fran's scholarship exemplified imaginativeness and expansiveness that is so in tune with the nature of human experience and well-being.
DIVERSITY, imaginativeness, quality, know-howC* this could be a concise prelude to describe the offer that will be on display in the French Pavilion at the Index tradeshow in Dubai from next October 22nd to 25th.
In this vein, Possible Worlds of Fiction and History ends with a positive evaluation of Niall Ferguson's version of counterfactual history, precisely for the reason that Fergusonian alternative history is governed not so much by its imaginativeness as its restrictiveness, operating strictly (perhaps even too strictly for Dolezel's liking) with the material of what have been in the past the considered-but-rejected options for the paths of historical development.
It must be remembered that the printed story is not a representation, but, like the printed play, a means of producing a representation, which is done in the one case by sheer imaginativeness":