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Fran's scholarship exemplified imaginativeness and expansiveness that is so in tune with the nature of human experience and well-being.
DIVERSITY, imaginativeness, quality, know-howC* this could be a concise prelude to describe the offer that will be on display in the French Pavilion at the Index tradeshow in Dubai from next October 22nd to 25th.
In this vein, Possible Worlds of Fiction and History ends with a positive evaluation of Niall Ferguson's version of counterfactual history, precisely for the reason that Fergusonian alternative history is governed not so much by its imaginativeness as its restrictiveness, operating strictly (perhaps even too strictly for Dolezel's liking) with the material of what have been in the past the considered-but-rejected options for the paths of historical development.
It will penalize the creativity, innovativeness, and imaginativeness that has made this country great.
This means that due to our Government's lack of imaginativeness, the MEPs were also found in a difficult situation to look for a name solution and give such absurd proposals," said Buckovski.
This surprise is not a result from the fact that a name referendum is VMRO-DPMNE's invention and because of the rumors that the liberal democrats are flirting with the government but because it was expected from them to show greater imaginativeness and precision instead of populism when discussing about the name issue.
Their study, in a sport context, reveals that the brand personality dimensions of imaginativeness and toughness positively influence identification while successfulness has a negative influence.
Thus the boy's body and his heritage, which are associated with his mother's imaginativeness and sensitivity, are destroyed.
But intellectual-property law does not justify its distribution of rights based on what people said and thought two hundred years ago; instead, it celebrates characteristics of those great inventors, authors and merchants of our past that remain celebrated today, characteristics such as self-reliance, imaginativeness, and individuality.
Because the imaginativeness and eccentricity of Trobridge's houses raised them above the conventional neo-Tudor of the suburbs, he has long had a small but distinguished following.
The falsity and imaginativeness of these two characterisations (of his mother: that my mother was freckled and sickly, of his brothers: that they had all been born .
All portray the alien with open-minded imaginativeness, and all treat the contrasts between alien and European as unstable, complex, and reversible" (xii).