imagined thought

See: figment
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O'Nan's] third-person omniscient narrator dramatizes Fitzgerald's characteristic insider-outsider stance and allows readers access to his imagined thoughts without overstepping the bounds of the plausible.
In an authorAAEs note, Mezrich allows that he invents dialogue, synthesizes details, and puts imagined thoughts into his charactersAAE heads.
We speak aloud our imagined thoughts that they might be thinking: 'Will he be safe?
Are we getting into the realm of George Orwell's "1984' when we talk about launching a pre-emptive war because of imagined thoughts of our potential enemies?
The subject of the novel is the imagined thoughts and feelings of a quiet, bookish, unmarried, upper-middle-class sister and daughter, as she is posing for Mary Cassatt-and dying from Bright's Disease.