imagined thought

See: figment
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The impact of social networks on communicationIRL (in real life) can also be seen in the addition of terms such asyaaas, feels ,facepalm ,TBH , anddoge , the Internet meme typified by an image of a Shiba Inu accompanied by very short phrases that humorously represent the dog's imagined thoughts.
O'Nan's] third-person omniscient narrator dramatizes Fitzgerald's characteristic insider-outsider stance and allows readers access to his imagined thoughts without overstepping the bounds of the plausible.
In an authorAAEs note, Mezrich allows that he invents dialogue, synthesizes details, and puts imagined thoughts into his charactersAAE heads.
modality culminate in more than a page of imagined thoughts that might have crossed Lewis' mind a few hours before he fatally wounded himself with a too-light-caliber pistol: ".
This concept postulates that our conscious mind easily distinguishes between vividly imagined thoughts and actual reality, but our subconscious mind does not.