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TO IMAGINE, Eng. law. In cases of treason the law makes it a crime to imagine the death of the king. In order to complete the offence there must, however, be an overt act the terms compassing and imagining being synonymous. It. has been justly remarked that the words to compass and imagine are too vague for a statute whose penalty affects the life of a subject. Barr. on the Stat. 243, 4. Vide Fiction.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Let no one imagine, however, that the lovely Fayaway was in the habit of swallowing great vulgar-looking fishes: oh, no; with her beautiful small hand she would clasp a delicate, little, golden-hued love of a fish and eat it as elegantly and as innocently as though it were a Naples biscuit.
In Tar Beach 2, Cassie imagines members of her family one evening up on the rooftop in the city, relaxing and enjoying themselves.
'A woman imagines clearly her father's face in the window, while aware she is physically grounded in a therapist's office," O'Connor and Montreal colleague Frederick Aardema explain in the March Consciousness and Cognition.
Kerry served for 19 years on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, so one imagines he will send Condi Rice a big fruit basket as she heads back to her former undistinguished academic career; one imagines Kerry will seek the counsel of real diplomats to try to earn a repeal of our current status as the world's scariest rogue nation.
Internal imagery takes place when someone imagines an activity inside his own body as if he is actually performing it.
Though Petrarch and Alberti had promoted the collecting and contemplation of ancient coins as a path to the humanistic virtues of earlier ages, it was only with the publication of the Illustrium imagines in 1517 that numismatic objects became the primary focus of a book.
A woman who imagines the divine in her image and likeness.
The distinctive thing here is that Eureka is just as concerned with their surroundings as with Harry and what she imagines he is thinking.
Much of what Fred imagines is false, and is known by him to be
Estrin prepares readers for these claims in her introductory explanation: "Once the originating poet imagines the imagining woman, she (in turn) proceeds to probe in directions not yet revealed by - but nevertheless implicit in - the original representation" (10).
The protagonist is the character whom the audience centrally imagines from the inside, and it need not be any particular person: it might be simply a citizen, or a man, or just someone or other with whom the audience can identify.
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