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TO IMAGINE, Eng. law. In cases of treason the law makes it a crime to imagine the death of the king. In order to complete the offence there must, however, be an overt act the terms compassing and imagining being synonymous. It. has been justly remarked that the words to compass and imagine are too vague for a statute whose penalty affects the life of a subject. Barr. on the Stat. 243, 4. Vide Fiction.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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The framework proposed here consists of six statuses: Imagining, i Nforming, Choosing, Obtaining, Maintaining, and Exiting, the initials of which form the acronym INCOME (Beveridge et al., 2002).
An asthmatic boy calmed himself while getting his medicine during nighttime asthma attacks by imagining that one of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles pictured on his bedsheets had flown away to fetch the doctor.
Now I calm my nerves before surgery by imagining myself an acolyte, purified, undergoing a necessary ritual.
Imagining Grace uses a self-referential approach which combines elements of Marxist and Black Aesthetic liberation theologies while arguing for the inclusion of nonreligious theological perspectives in the consideration of slave narratives.
This "common denominator" was the "Heimat idea", the imagining of the nation via local idioms which "transform[ed] the nation into an everyday life experience"(xii).
Furthermore, for the study of marginal, satiric, and grotesque writings in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries - written, at times quite wittily, in lucid and accessible prose - Imagining Rabelais provides original and definitive information for early modern scholars of any discipline.
On the one hand, Currie argues that personal imagining occupies a marginal and limited position in our experience of film.
Although Imagining the Middle East certainly grants the reader fresh insights into the areas of the "mythical frontier" and shifting Western representations of the Orient over past centuries, Hentsch cannot justifiably disregard Orientalism's influence upon all subsequent studies of Western perceptions of the Middle East, including Imagining the Middle East.
This, I decided, was because victimization, as a state, as an identity, was, in the black male psyche, feminized to such a degree that imagining "the male victim" became a near impossibility.
This should involve identifying the irrational belief, seeking evidence proving or disputing the belief, imagining the worst and thinking of positive results one can achieve even if the worst does indeed happen.
According to the results, simply imagining a posture may have effects that are similar to actually assuming the pose.
Volunteers spontaneously sniffed only when imagining smells, the researchers report in the November Nature Neuro-science.