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2001; Perry-Smith & Shalley, 2003; Ahmad, 2015), teams in any of such imbalanced situations will least likely produce a creative outcome due to either greater role centrality in team, less domain knowledge and less integration of team members' knowledge integration respectively.
Imbalanced Data Cluster Boundary Sampling Method Based on Density Clustering
1 Feature Selection Method Given Imbalanced Datasets
If someone asks you a question, you're emotionally imbalanced at that time and you feel an urge to tell the truth.
When presented with imbalanced data sets, most standard learning and mining algorithms fail to properly represent the distributive characteristics of the data, and as a result, provide unfavorable accuracies across the classes of data.
3 s a 20% imbalanced voltage sag takes place as a consequence of a short-circuit fault at the PCC involving phases A and C.
An imbalanced weight gyratory motor affixed to the housing imparts vibration, causing oversize particles to travel across the coarse upper screen and exit through an upper discharge spout at the screen's periphery.
Having a large crystal in a room can also help reduce stress by cutting down negative energies and harmonising imbalanced energy patterns.
The Russian Foreign Ministry said in a statement on Sunday that Russia, China and Cuba voted against the decision because its text was imbalanced and biased as it leveled groundless accusations against the Syrian government for all the crimes committed in Syria and holds it fully responsible for human rights violations, without condemning the acts of gunmen, criminals and terrorists who perpetrated bombings in Damascus and Aleppo , vandalized facilities and assassinated public, academic and religious figures.
KABUL (PAN): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, rejecting a recent New York Times article on Afghan detainees as imbalanced and incorrect, on Saturday asked the newspaper to correct its facts on the sensitive issue.
This means an imbalanced wheel load when the car is stationary, but it's equalised during driving, countering the otherwise harmful effects of physics.
has always been imbalanced and unfair," Mpundu said.