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Simple social conduct has not been imbibed in them and they simply do what they deem to be right.
31 (ANI): A slum dweller family has imbibed the 'Atithi Devo Bhava' in full spirit as it proposed an idea of slum homestay in Mumbai.
And the most interesting lesson we imbibed that night?
It found 3,000 more pubs were selling cask ales and the number of 18 to 24-year-olds who imbibed rose by 17%.
Intraspecific variability in rate of imbibition and water content of fully imbibed seeds might also be interpreted as a response to habitat-specific selection.
As for his last paragraph accusing "most of these people" of engaging in experimentation on animals, I can only suppose that he had imbibed too freely before taking up his pen.
Rather, the poems in Love's Alchemy are like a fine merlot, meant to be imbibed slowly--you begin by sniffing their aroma; then hold them up to the light and savor their color; inhale their bouquet; hold the words in your mouth, let the taste of them sink into your pores; feel them warming your throat, let their wisdom spread through your veins and into the depths of your heart.
Using imagery technology, the researchers were able to compare brain cell activity of patients who had been given coffee to drink against those who had imbibed a placebo.
Over a dozen musical films from the last decade are analyzed to explain how artists have interpreted and imbibed such musicals with new life, using psychology, sexuality, and more to revive the art form.
The sexual revolution was a lie from start to finish, perpetrated by frauds and imbibed by gullible and willing, but nevertheless pitiable, victims.
The cherished cognac was spotted by Miami immediately, and he imbibed enough to wash down lunch.