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Due to the economic climate, a lot of imbibers only go out at the weekend, but they certainly make the most of it when they are out.
The wine tasting evening, presented by Laura Clay from Birmingham Imbibers was hailed as a great success.
It can even result in a smaller carbon footprint, he notes, which is attractive to eco-sensitive imbibers.
The 56-year-old -- who has been making his wine in small wooden barrels "to add flavor" -- is not only "afraid of being discovered by the Hamas police, who will have no mercy," but also of losing face in a socially conservative society that does not look kindly on imbibers.
Even though, the study found imbibers, in general, had a 47 per cent reduced risk of contracting dementia compared with teetotalers, down to 44 per cent for Alzheimer's.
They want to discover the opinions and habits with regard to alcohol of all sorts of drinkers - occasional tipplers, regular imbibers, binge drinkers and alcoholics - and of non-drinkers too.
They discuss its history, famous imbibers, collectibles of course, and the current green fairy scene.
Whatever the source, over imbibers can expect an identical reception at the museum.
So our office discussions continue and we're lining up--those who prefer regular dripped versus the fully automatic imbibers who prefer a macchiato or cappuccino.
I have yet to see cigarette smoke exit a pub and enter a non-smoking venue - whereas alcohol travels with consummate ease in the belly of its imbibers, as any town centre on a weekend will testify.
Veteran imbibers know that the fresher the beer is, the better it tastes.
The sweet and initially attractive drink that most imbibers grow out of neatly sums up a smiler who, I suspect, will prove more of a short-lived shooting star than a bright new star.