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Comparative effectiveness of estrogens on fluid imbibition and growth of the rat's uterus.
Oil recovery by imbibition in low-permeability chalk," SPE Formation Evaluation, 1994(Sept.
Treatments, such as imbibition in growth-regulating substances, scarification and depulping, have been successfully used in overcoming the seed dormancy of some related species, as demonstrated for the lady palm (Rhapis excelsa Thunberg Henry ex.
Priming also causes to reduce the adherence of seed coat due to imbibition, which may permit to emerge out redicle without resistance as [25] reported that the priming minimizes seed coat adherence during emergence of muskmelon seeds.
The weight increase is a combination of water imbibition in the tissue and the uterine lumina and a hypertrophic response of the uterine tissues.
The gradual opening of fissures by the imbibition force of the cyanobacterial mucilages and the wedging effect of the sedimented CaC[O.
Imbibition period as the critical temperature-sensitive stage in germination of lima bean seeds.
Salinity also reduces imbibition of water because of lowered osmotic potentials of the medium and causes changes in metabolic activity [41].
The three early phases in seed germination are (i) imbibition, (ii) lag phase and (iii) protrusion of the radicle through the testa [33].
Seed priming is nowadays being extensively used to improve seed germination and seedling emergence in a wide range of crop species[3] and is basically a physiological process in which the seeds are presoaked before planting which, by itself, allows partial imbibition though preventing the germination[7].
To a large extent, the activity of these enzymes is primarily related to water imbibition by the seeds.
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