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The present study was designed to evaluate and compare the dimensional changes due to imbibition and syneresis in five new commercial alginate products, and to assess the effect of two different disinfectant solutions on these dimensional changes.
Imbibition of the seeds was carried out with four replications of 50 seeds for each lot, firstly being weighted and submitted to the dormancy break, according to Smiderle, Mourao Junior, and Sousa (2005), and afterwards, arranged between germitest[R] paper sheets moistened with distilled water (2.
Higher activity of the enzymes [alpha]-amylase, protease and dehydrogenase during imbibition.
Interestingly, in both species the positive action of hydropriming was observed after a partial imbibition, at the first part of the typical triphasic imbibition curve.
According to Marcos Filho (2005), seed coat regulates the seed imbibition speed, controls gas exchange, causes dormancy and may also prevent seed deterioration, acting as a barrier to microorganisms entry.
Jutzi, "Effects of thermal and salt treatments during imbibition on germination and seedling growth of sorghum at 42/19[degrees]C," Journal of Agronomy and Crop Science, vol.
Imbibition is a strictly physical process, and depends on the difference in water potential between the seed and its environment, the protein, lipid and starch composition of the seed, and the permeability of the seed coat (Nelson, 2004).
In short, it may, for a time, serve interested parties as a medium for puffing themselves, and for mystifying the public, by enveloping the subject in a cloud of pseudoscientific balderdash; but the simple fact is, that to inhale the sulphuric ether is neither more nor less than a mode (a somewhat more than commonly elegant and recherche mode, we allow) of getting drunk; and as to its effects on the brain and nervous system, we will venture to affirm, that if practised with a frequency proportioned to the transient nature of the stimulus, as decided an attack of delirium tremens may be induced by it as by the imbibition of brandy.
An early response of water imbibition in uteri is mediated through ERB; ER[alpha] knockout ([alpha]ERKO) mice show no water imbibition and no increase in uterine weight after 17[beta]-estradiol ([E.