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It is completely surrounded by an impermeable surface except at one end of the cylinder, which is labelled as imbibition surface (x = 0) and this end exposed to an adjacent formation of the injected conductive liquid (I) and choose the effect of variable attractive magnetic field such that it increases injecting phase pressure by ([mu][H.
During secondary oil recovery process when conductive liquid is injected to oil formation area then at common interface this phenomenon of imbibition occurs.
The governing equation for imbibition phenomenon at common interface is in the form of non linear partial differential equation.
The physics of fluids in porous media give rise to many interesting phenomena, including imbibition where a viscous fluid displaces a less viscous one.
Since the actual height of the imbibition cell was 12 inches, the model was assumed to be at a depth of 5 inches in order to simulate the actual hydrostatic head at the top of the core.
This would lead the spontaneous imbibition of water into the wettability altered matrixes to displace the oil.
After spontaneous imbibition the percentage of surface acting agents are available.
So, spontaneous imbibition of brine without surfactant was performed for 14 days.
1 can only describe early-time data when imbibitions rates are high and viscous forces dominate.
The data obtained using cores A, B, and C (with the same length and different diameters) shows that reproducible spontaneous imbibitions measurements can be obtained when the water imbibed is scaled with PV.
Li and Horne [11] presented a different type of normalized recovery for gas-water system imbibitions,
Spontaneous imbibition of liquids into nanopores," presented at the Materials Research Soc.