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and with the Dual Center on prospective comparisons of LAP-BAND[R] versus the Imbricated Lap Band (iLap).
Lowrie also considers the relationship between historical and fictive accounts in the novel, noting the imbricated structure of the narrative's characters Valentinois (historical), Tournon (fictional), Boulen (historical), and Themines who is "an admixture of both" (45).
In these circumstances, moreover, priests were both more imbricated in local society and more willing to challenge the authority of their bishops.
Despite a tendency to lapse into a sociological jargon that I for one cannot understand for example, what does being 'fully imbricated in all the power relations of their era' actually mean?
SIPH strongly imbricated and weakly reticulated at apex.
Key words: Imbricated thrusts, Maturin sub-basin, Quiriquire, tectonic inversion, tectonosequences.
which examines matters such as 'a questioning attitude', the nature of available evidence, 'ideology, ambiguity and muted groups', ethical considerations, and defines (some more) important topics: for example, although Little acknowledges that modernization and globalization (chapter 7) are necessarily imbricated with processes such as colonialism and capitalism (chapter 10) these are tackled separately.
A brinkman, Barbara Belyea prefers polarization: rather than build on foregoing work, Dark Storm sweeps it aside to make room for her disagreements with historians and ethnographers in five imbricated essays that combine archival research and castigations of received historical interpretations.
A strength throughout Dentith's book, in addition to his wide range of interests and his deep knowledge of various genres, is his enviable capability for extracting strands of imbricated relationships of epic and modernity, epic and novel, nation and empire, history and the present, while interrogating our assumptions about the relationships that those very imbrications perpetuate and hide.
And all of them are imbricated in the sort of patterns of modernity that emerge in Mexico in the period of national reorganization in the two decades following that of the Mexican Revolution (the revolution proper is usually confied to the period 1910-18, although the Cristero revolt, which in many ways is a continuation of armed hostilities, occupies basically the 1920s, although itis basically confined to the Bajio region).
The former complicates the field of Aboriginal studies by separating women's considerations from those of men (though under the same critical colonial umbrella), reminding the scholar who must examine within the context of Canada's relatively new fascination with pan-Indianism (a focus and political reality borne out of the 1960s and 1970s in Canada) that no culture is homogenous and that cultures deserve sophisticated examinations of sensibilities imbricated in reality's complexities.