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2,18,41,44) These procedures may be performed by open or mini imbrication, as well as arthroscopic medial imbrication.
M Coetzee's earlier novels, whose imbrication in the political matrix of the late-apartheid State has become a matter of critical orthodoxy, Elizabeth Costello: Eight Lessons (2003) rejects a South African emplacement for its writer-protagonist and hereby seems to suspend questions relating to the positioning of this work within post-apartheid literary culture.
Les obstacles institutionnels sont nombreux : multiplicite des acteurs, complexite des enjeux, logiques d'action sectorielle, imbrication des echelles territoriales, absence de pouvoir d'agglomeration, etc.
Conventionally understood as the marker of a temporal break, the mutual imbrication of the projects of modernity and colonialism has produced a space-time dynamic where the relations between the West and the non-West are mapped onto a distinction between the past and a present-future.
The radical possibilities of such cross-colonial sympathies are clear, as are the constraints of Yeats's imbrication in an aesthetic grounded in imperial essentialism.
from magnetic fabrics or imbrication of tabular plagioclase phenocrysts in the laminar flow regime near dyke margins) can provide unique azimuthal directions.
Nature, the imbrication with landscape and the creatures that inhabit it, and a perception of mystery that lets one believe in a positive solution all had a leading voice in the early books.
The imbrication of Palestine-Israel conflict within colonialist histories and imperialist politicking challenges international/ transnational peace activists to rethink the Palestinian struggles in their local, regional, and global dimensions.
In his prose, Muggeridge tended to proceed by imbrication, layering his analysis of appearance, character, and achievement--the whole set firmly in the context of world events--to produce memorable, often devastating, portraits.
The Onuphionella from the Soru Formation differs from the holotype, as well as from its paratypes in California in its imbrication of altered biotite instead of muscovite.
Her analyses of James and Faulkner demonstrate how the modern imbrication of whiteness and visuality enables most Euro-Americans to lay claim to both disembodied and embodied signs of identity--a proprietary prerogative that has enormous implications for our normative understanding of the individual and the community.