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The individual chapters on Conrad, Verne, Loti, and Segalen interspersed with references to a number of writers, including a brief, provocative analysis of Gaugin's Noa Noa are very detailed and follow a kind of technical pattern with slight variations: Bongie moves from close readings of certain significant passages and texts using different theoretical aids such as Emile Benveniste's linguistic analysis of tenses (Loti's Aziyade) to more macroscopic analyses chiefly grounded in narrative theory and new historicism that help him unravel the -singular imbrications of histories (p.
Having seen that Dessa had "eyes so like Mammy's" (98), Rufel assumes that Dessa will respond to her strategy of narrative imbrication with the same patience Dorcas had apparently shown.
Larry Fulton, VP Sales for the Americas, Crospon emphasized the relevance of the new EndoFLIP([R])imaging catheter for bariatric surgeons, "We are seeing a growing interest in the EndoFLIP([R]) system to assist surgeons performing the newly emerging gastric imbrication sleeve procedure.
Hung high overhead on the wall of the museum's central atrium, Flaga introduced from the outset some of the hallmarks of Starling's oeuvre--long journeys, often across international borders; the mutual imbrication of economic, political, and artistic histories; the elegant transformation of one thing (an Italian car) into another (the Polish flag).
There is scant engagement with the question of why these concepts remain so fascinating and yet so bound by social demands and norms, and the editors might have done more at this point to trouble the assumed imbrication of the distinct terms 'love and sexuality', as they are brought together here.
Both positions erase the very notion of identity by their erasure of the categories of relation with other cultures and the inescapable imbrication of histories.
com/ system has been used for the first time to assist in the sizing of a gastric sleeve in the newly emerging weight loss surgery technique known as gastric imbrication.
Here, the uniformity of the compositions and the shift in register effected by the chroma-key paint raised additional questions about abstraction's inevitable imbrication not only with the circulation of digital information but also with principles of universal fungibility and mutual substitution that govern modern social and financial systems.
202), an imbrication of multifarious readings and the poet's renewed postulation of ars longa, vita brevis, in which the transmission of genius is entirely distinct from that of genes.
Sculpture suggests that design's imbrication in ecology and politics is something that emerges perceptually, through techniques of production and display.
None the less, the argument about mutual imbrication is persuasively sustained in this well-researched and informative book.
Indeed, two ceramic sculptures, Pii and Ai-lauuu, both 2013, opened up the show's agenda and shifted its register, unsettling the place of the artwork in this imbrication.