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Ce qui est en effet au coeur de l'oeuvre epistemologique morinienne, c'est la recherche d'une methode qui puisse relier ce qui est isole, complexifier ce qui est simplifie, detecter et non pas occulter les liaisons, les articulations, les solidarites, les implications, les imbrications, les organisations, les complexions.
The field of STS has been confronting the imbrications of society and techno-science for decades.
Il aurait peut-etre ete souhaitable de situer la fracture numerique comme temoignage d'une fracture qui est d'abord sociale et imputable, en partie, aux caracteristiques socio-economiques des milieux en cause, mais egalement aux imbrications regissant nos economies de marche (c'est-a-dire, propriete intellectuelle, barrieres tarifaires et non tarifaires, politiques d'investissements et autres).
The transparent reticulations suggest the networks in the leaf, which in turn point to imbrications of the feather, and the feather opens into more complex human productions: not only elegant armor and instruments of war but also, as we shall see, musical chords and poetic rhymes.
De Mortillet's last book, La Formation de la nation francaise, provides thus a good vantage point for studying the imbrications of prehistory and nationalism in late 19th-century France.
Although her reading of Norman Jewison's In the Heat of the Night is deft, it does not explore the imbrications of Hollywood money and national politics that would push it to the level of her reading of Guess Who's Coming to Dinner?
While the earlier chapters expose the subtle imbrications between the West's "imperialist fantasies" (80) and the postcolonial counter-fantasies of national and ethnic cohesion, the last four chapters deconstruct leading myths of East Asian culture: the metanarrative of "resistance" and "survival" (113) against both Western imperialism and Communist totalitarianism, as dramatized in Zhang Yimou's film To Live"; nostalgia narratives in Hong Kong's consumer culture; or the tenuous myths of postcoloniality and nationalism in contemporary Hong Kong.
Whether in the domain of the multicultural subject or of the defensive legatee of the Western patrimony (and though this distinction be simpleminded and specious in the extreme, it does not inhibit many from forging such reductive antitheses), the essentializing that the contending positions and voices would impose at this time compromise the fragile equilibrium or contrapuntal harmony that is indispensable to comparative culture or, for that matter, to any culture, since the notion of culture is itself so inextricably bound with comparison, with its imbrications, juxtapositions, contrasts, exchanges, and hybridizations.
L'auditoire a eu droit, ensuite, a un tableau de l'art theatral japonais ancien, comme le theatre no et le kabuki, leurs imbrications etroites avec l'art musical.