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Imbroglio electoral Deux facteurs doivent en revanche etre pris en consideration malgre cet imbroglio electoral.
They said Clinton's impending visit is part of the ongoing international efforts to find common ground with major players in Afghanistan for a political settlement to the decade-long Afghan imbroglio.
What we now have might be called The Great Snook Imbroglio.
Aizaz Chaudhry told a weekly media briefing: "We will continue to do that in future as well; we remain sincere in seeking a peaceful settlement of the Afghan imbroglio.
In 2011 he was abruptly sacked by President Bashir from the position as security adviser following an imbroglio between him and presidential assistant Nafie Ali Nafie over dialogue with opposition parties.
The alphabetically organized entries offer a passing understanding for those wishing to explore everything from ecocriticism to cultural studies in four anglophone contexts to deconstructionism's fascist imbroglio with Paul de Man.
Le dialogue national visant a parvenir a une sortie de la crise politique en Tunisie a ete reporte a vendredi, a annonce le secretaire general de l'Union generale tunisienne du travail (UGTT), Houcine Abassi, apres qu'un nouvel imbroglio a empeche le debut des negociations mercredi.
The Houston-based energy giant's apparent back-tracking from the terms of a cooperation agreement inked with ONGC in March 2012 where the latter's local deepwater blocks was a highlight, is seen as a fallout of the ongoing imbroglio over gas pricing in India apart from an unreliable regulatory framework.
He has made a strong case for a diplomatic resolution to the Syria imbroglio.
au, the imbroglio was prompted by a tweet sent out by the Benaud parody account, which has more than 45,000 followers, about Ahmed's decision not to wear the logo of beer sponsor Victoria Bitter during the limited-overs series in England.
We also asked the minister to talk to the AIBA to resolve the imbroglio soon.
Global Banking News-June 29, 2015--Greece imbroglio takes a toll on global markets