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Seeing his cherished Sprinkling Brush, Baptist seized it, kissed it, leapt in the air for joy, and, whirling the club over his head, promptly imbrued it in blood.
On the ground where the yagers had stood lay a mass of timbers, bodies, and snow-white cheeses imbrued in blood and brain matter.
I also like to think not many sneak past my comprehension, but one did last night: imbrued.
I can still see that soil crimsoned by butchered Hog and imbrued with rye, lye, and homely Spirituals everybody must know .
Beguiling widescreen rock pop ambience imbrued with a sense of aching fragility.
The Coventry band has imbrued this bash and crash rock with a distinctly punk sneer - and then it twists again when the piano joins the throng.
It's punchy, passionate power rock imbrued with a punk spirit, yet just about every track has its own twists and turns for dramatic effect.