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I'm wondering how long it will be before we see that ominous phrase 'arch', archaic, in tomorrow's dictionaries next to imbrued and imbued.
You just don't hear imbrued or imbued any more in everyday speech, and the argument would be that if you have words like saturate and stain, permeate, pervade and inspire, why would you need 'em?
This is troubadouring, swirling and imbrued with folk as Lisbee uses her eight-string guitar to maximum effect.
However, what remains constant throughout Mahmoud Darwish's poems and prose is that poetry is intrinsically connected to self-realization, and self-realization is a gradual, constantly dynamic and fluid process that is imbrued in his poetic project.
On another occasion when Jephtha was the subject of conversation, his lordship with much good humour suddenly put an end to the argument exclaiming, "Well my hands are not imbrued in her blood