imbued with

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The problem is that we were unable to submit to the Party, merge with it completely, become imbued with the same feelings of absolute acceptance toward Stalin that the party and the whole country have become imbued with, but instead continued to look backward and to live our separate, stifling lives.
To be imbued with something, like imbued with colour, you're filled with colour or you've soaked up colour.
uk) AS well as keeping chilly winds at bay, this snazzy neck warmer's Biotherm fabric is imbued with a special formula to help nourish skin too.
B born in 1982 of Bulgarian nationality coming from Brazil via Addis Ababa had the clothes in the two suitcases which he was carrying imbued with drugs.
said while Meralco is not government-owned, the nature of its business is imbued with public interest.
Or why we'll choose to pay thousands for a mechanical watch imbued with story and heritage when it won't tell the time as well as a $25 Casio.
AaAaAa "The Moroccan proposal of regional autonomy for the Sahara is imbued with wisdom, unlike the rigid attitude of the Algerian government on the issue," Mehenni said in an interview published Wednesday by the Moroccan French-speaking daily 'L'Opinion'.
I am imbued with an overwhelming sense of your culinary capabilities.
Since we like to give natural disasters personalities imbued with evil intent, earthquakes maliciously hit the day before we were going to replenish our nonexistent or stale supply of batteries.
A distinguished architect and ecclesiological scholar, John Ninian Comper (1864-1960) was a major influence on the liturgical revival when the Anglican Church was still imbued with a vital Anglo-Catholicism, now largely dissipated.
The studio was formed 75 years ago by Miriam Blecher, Nadia Chilkovsky, and a handful of others--all modern dancers who were imbued with the passion for social justice that was typical of the 1930s.
The lyrical messages of these songs are all imbued with the stages of the grieving process.