imbued with life

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A certain leanness falls upon houses not sufficiently imbued with life (as if they were nourished upon it), which was very noticeable here.
We're invited to watch it serenely rotate and decide if, by the skill of human hands, this example of reconstructed nature has been imbued with life like its namesake, Pinocchio.
In this show, six graduates with an average age of 50, (the typical Harrow student has always been imbued with life experience) are showcasing the fruition of two years of experimentation and reflection.
Cathy Gelbin's broad-reaching study of the Golem legend, the hulking clay creature of myth imbued with life through mystical rituals and traditionally intended as a servant of its creator, spans further than her title indicates.
Examining the golem (an inanimate mudfigure imbued with life through mystical means whose purpose is to protect and to avenge) as a construct from early Jewish folktale to modern fiction, Baer (English and genocide, Gustavus Adolphus College) interprets the myth and its meaning in the context of post-Holocaust works of fiction.
It is a kind of human arrogance, this argument goes, to believe that our planet is the only one imbued with life.