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That'S why theorists say that dark energy imbues space with a springiness, notes David H.
Benedict's democratic and hospitable presence now imbues cyberspace.
The air of authority of the printed word in book form imbues Graham Towers' version of events with a status that may soon become the perceived truth.
Far from trivializing them, TV imbues these stories with an impact no other medium can approach.
Mist's "veiled" look imbues the new Vitricor items with a dimensional attribute that draws the viewer deeper into the material.
This imbues him with the ability to see and interact with all of Appleday's menagerie, including Croco the Alligator, Tux the Penguin and the famous feuding team of Pickles and Prickles.
Nobody imbues Chopin with as rich a sense of humanity as Robbins does.
One of the things that make his paintings compelling is the way in which vision sometimes seems to strain against the limits of proficiency--a dynamic of yearning that imbues the work with sincerity at the level of representation itself.
A new analysis of plant remains at Pecos River sites, informed by ethnographic accounts of Indian groups in that region, now imbues this ancient art gallery with a hallucinogenic glow.
Nevertheless his sensibility to such issues imbues every page and every example, highlighting the continuing creative tension between the definable and the world of feeling.
The city's rich musical heritage imbues the Big Easy with much of its indelible aura, and the film notes that many of its musicians have either relocated elsewhere or found it, to date, untenable to return.
He imbues the characters with life, individualizing voices and keeping the action moving at a good pace.