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This belief imbues her views on dancers' curricula (acting, improvisations, and mime should play a strong role, she says), her coaching work, and her staging--she staged her own production of Giselle for the Boston Ballet this year, and she's doing another for France's Ballet du Rhin.
Creator Andrew Secunda (a writer on ``Late Night With Conan O'Brien'') imbues at least Vieluf with genuinely witty lines (it'd be nice if he could share, and if he didn't deliver them quite so lazily).
imbues his portrayal not only with a horrific, bloody, profane realism, but also, still speaking in the voice of the protagonist, with a tender lyricism in his musings about nature.
A kind of designer spiritualism also imbues the fetishlike Town and Country, 2003, a cluster of leather heads supported on a steel pole and hung with strips of silver, red, white, and black leather.
This daughter of Lula and Erwin Washington is a dancer of astonishing grace and ability who imbues her dancing with exceptional emotive wisdom.
Director David Blair gives the film the stately sort of pacing and imbues it with the burnished amber hues familiar to British adaptations of the classics seen on ``Masterpiece Theatre.
Somehow, Lamia imbues the other voices with a girlish imitation of young and old males and females and it all comes off in a delightful way.
Constructed of horseshoe-shape limm rubber hung with swags of brightly colored hosiery weighted down by sand, the work suggests a tribal headdress (the fact that the stockings are previously worn further imbues the piece with a totemic quality).
A movement feast, 2x5+ imbues intelligent, complex patterns with subtle emotion.
Stage vet Dakin Matthews has elevated the complicated gender gamesmanship of ``Spite for Spite'' with a humor-filled translation that leaves the rhyming verse intact but imbues the text with clever, thoroughly accessible contemporary discourse.
Burckhardt is a bit of a ham who imbues his paintings with a cartoonish, almost manic energy, but the bravura is highly calculated, so that a sense of both the smart and the slapdash comes through.