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Organizations seeking to use quantum improvements to achieve a strategic advantage are hypothesized to be more likely to attempt to do so through the usage of proprietary software because using a COTS product might be valuable but using a COTS application would all but prohibit any possibility of a resource being rare and imperfectly imitable even if the COTS resource was valuable and non-substitutable.
La mediacion de la operacion del intelecto divino es clave para entender la constitucion de multiples ideas, ya que capta la esencia divina como forma imitable, no en toda su perfeccion, lo cual es imposible, sino de manera particular por cada una de las cosas.
Hence, instead of the visible and easily imitable resources like shop design or product offer, other resources, among them reputation, customer databases and lock-in effects for customers, appear to create the sustainable competitive advantage for online retailers (Hall 1992; Park et al.
2007), in the forest industry, valuable and rare resources enable companies to achieve efficiency gains enhancing short-term competitive advantage, while long-term, sustained competitive advantage also requires possession and exploitation of imperfectly imitable and not substitutable resources, enhancing the creation of value-added.
As such, these resources become imperfectly imitable.
The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Food Code comes to mind when I think of an imitable project.
Sue, in her imitable fashion, took a deep breath, created a list of things to achieve and got on with the job.
A l'heure de la banalisation de la technologie et des procedes de fabrication, c'est sur le front des Ressources Humaines que les entreprises peuvent developper un avantage concurrentiel durable car difficilement imitable.
The role of Nietzsche in Mencken's rise to fame is clear enough, but what of its role in shaping Mencken's in imitable style and "sham-smashing" ideas?
La teoria de recursos y capacidades desde sus inicios ha considerado al conocimiento como un recurso intangible, capaz de darle a la organizacion una ventaja competitiva, al ser raro, valioso, imperfectamente imitable y no sustituible (Barney, 1991).
Dune: A collection of water-based finishing top coatswith rich metallic shades for your interiors that lets you complement a silver or gold base to your favourite colour to lend that imitable yet subtle lustre to your living space.
In an interview with the media after receiving the first ever ISSA Award for Outstanding Achievement in Social Security, the minister described the programme as an imitable tool for other countries.