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Brain areas that control visual and motor attention showed unusually intense activity while these children observed and imitated facial expressions, the researchers note.
However, after some delay, children imitated the behavior they had witnessed.
Uzgiris then reminds us that what we mean by imitation depends very much on situation and context, and significantly points out that infants during their first year display a marked appreciation of being imitated by others.
The boy's friends said they imitated the game they saw on TV.
The feasibility of doing so has been demonstrated by a number of countries that deliberately imitated Western means to economic growth and are, by and large, well on their way to imitating Western results.
My choreography imitated the thunderous galloping of the horses through rapid footwork.
Afterward she approached the mound and imitated him.
Under the spell of her idol, Hanna dances with moves that echo Karina's famous pool hall jukebox choreography, the same playfully seductive moves imitated by Uma Thurman in Pulp Fiction.
Thus, nineteenth-century Afro-Trinidadians danced lewdly in elaborately sewn gowns, suits, and lingerie, or paraded pompously in false military regalia, while French planters in blackface playfully imitated canboulay festivals in the safety of their own compounds.
He provided the dog's howl in the film, The Hound of the Baskervilles, imitated the fox in The Bellstone Fox, and, in the Valley of the Eagles, provided the sound of deer leaping to their deaths.
At first it met with a mixed reception, but it became one of the most popular and most imitated works of poetry in Portugal.
It is a surprise to be reminded by Professor Boucher that, although Palladio is the most imitated architect in history, there has been no general monograph on him since Ackerman's in 1966.