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| Why is imitating the dog staging Heart of Darkness?
In its reply to the committee, NIHR and SCW had reservations concerning not specifying the crime or the behaviour of imitating the opposite sex in the proposal, requesting the House of Representatives to rephrase it as "it lacks clarity".
The ministry has recently issued a directive saying that "pursuant to the decision taken by the Supreme Judiciary Council, judges must from now refrain from using signature stamps and should themselves sign on the documents using their own handwritten signatures." The decision would effectively nullify contracts with parties that make signature stamps by imitating handwritten signatures.
Imitating God in Christ examines what it means to follow after Christ's image, and offers a scholarly assessment of the imitation process as it is represented in Christian thinking.
Studies of the chameleon effect confirm what salespeople, tricksters, and Lotharios have long known: Imitating another person's postures and expressions is an important social lubricant.
PEKyN (CyHAN)- Chinese Internet users have been tirelessly imitating auspicious hand signals by crew members of the country's first aircraft carrier, Liaoning, in celebration of a successful J-15 launch, Xinhua reported.
22-year-old Koshik's talent has been confirmed by an international team of scientists who said the 5.5 tonne animal may have started imitating human speech because he was lonely.
Why was I rolling around on my back like a landed cod, imitating Ronaldo at his most dramatic?
This worktext outlines tools high school students can use to write mature and varied sentences and build paragraphs by imitating models by authors like John Steinbeck, Harper Lee, Maya Angelou, J.D.
The local Magistrate's Court was told that, as well as imitating shooting a rifle at the police officers, Doherty also kicked out at one of them, narrowly missing the officer's head.
OK Superchance is one of the notorious smaller cab companies in Sofia imitating the appearance and brands of mainstream firms with reasonable rates.