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In other words, sinful imitativeness has its roots in relying on self-will rather than God's will.
To capture variations in the nature of the nascent ventures, we also included two dichotomous control variables to assess the venture's imitativeness (vs.
To deny that straightforward, commercially motivated imitativeness is one reason behind the Marlovian flavor of some of the company's plays of the 1590s would be to deny the company and its dramatists any sense of business acumen.
The paragraphs below explore how knowledge transfer associated with intraindustry executive succession potentially influences competitive dynamics, and particular attention is given to both the speed and imitativeness of competitive responses.
91) The basic notions of passivity and imitativeness persisted after the peace, but their implications were no longer so negative.
and deterring imitativeness, banned speakers from copying directly from
It is a kind of third way between imitativeness and avant-garde esotericism, which the author, if not Leverkuhn, manages to find through playfully negotiating the various and often contradictory modes of narration.
A third limiting factor, familiar from the first Matrix, is imitativeness.
This modernistic romanticism asserted the originality and authenticity of the personal, inner, often unconscious self, hence also sought to exorcise the threat of social imitativeness that reduced personal experience to stereotyped packages.
Performativity is strongly related to the postmodern in the above sense, particularly since the Derrida-Searle debate of 1977 about the relevance of John Austin's speech-act theory, in which Searle accentuated the intention of the speaker and differentiated between real speech and mere imitation, whereas Derrida argued that in order to function the performative requires a cultural practice that consists of repetition and presupposes imitativeness.