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servile herd of imitators can never possibly arrive at.
You should speedily see a Historia Naturalis Americana, that would put the sneering imitators of the Frenchman, De Buffon, to shame
Even the children would not be excluded; but boys, little able to wield the instruments, tore the tomahawks from the belts of their fathers, and stole into the ranks, apt imitators of the savage traits exhibited by their parents.
He was surrounded and followed by many imitators, and it is well to remember Dryden as the greatest of them all.
The book is The Voice Imitator by the Austrian writer Thomas Bernhard.
Once in every decade though, there's an imitator who outperforms the visionary himself, taking the original approach and putting it in use for something truly innovative.
It shows separate phases of the trainer in operation: the insertion of the sabot and mine imitator into the barrel of the mortar (a); upon hitting the capsule of the main charge against the braking device at the bottom of the mortar barrel, the explosion of the main charge occurs (b), the energy of gas flow via the main barrel of the muzzle and ancillary holes is distributed in such a way that it rejects the sabot of the mine on a distance of 5/25 m from the fire position of the mortar (d); 'the warhead' is in the range necessary to hit the target (c).
imitator ticks, salivary glands, midguts, and ovaries were dissected from unfed adult ticks and fixed in modified Ito fixative (13), post-fixed in 1% osmium tetroxide for 1 h, stained en bloc with 2% aqueous uranyl acetate for 20 min at 60[degrees]C, dehydrated in ethanol, and embedded in epoxy resin (Poly/Bed 812).
He has different characteristics to Mourinho but that is also important because as I said right from the beginning I didn't want a Mourinho imitator but I wanted someone who would have their own characteristics, their own personality, and he has that.
The monkeys not only spent more time with their imitators, but also preferred to engage in a simple task with them even when provided with the option of performing the same task with a non-imitator, the study found.
A Call to be an Imitator and a Career as an Impersonator