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Impersonators are known as look-alikes, impressionists, imitators, tribute artists and wannabees.
The contract is for the supply of imitators of air targets ICP and ICP-1-R, a total of 2,364 pcs.
It shows separate phases of the trainer in operation: the insertion of the sabot and mine imitator into the barrel of the mortar (a); upon hitting the capsule of the main charge against the braking device at the bottom of the mortar barrel, the explosion of the main charge occurs (b), the energy of gas flow via the main barrel of the muzzle and ancillary holes is distributed in such a way that it rejects the sabot of the mine on a distance of 5/25 m from the fire position of the mortar (d); 'the warhead' is in the range necessary to hit the target (c).
THE success of the Hitman series of games has spawned a few imitators.
NEW Yorker Naomi shot to fame as a flavour of the month on Youtube, the video of single Say It's Possible winning her an army of imitators, an internet award and a major label deal.
In the Ontario legislature he took the stand that his (distorted) views on abortion and sodomy were actually all right with the Church, a position which in recent years has found many imitators.
His team plans to track the monkeys into adulthood to see whether the imitators and the others later differ in temperamental or sensory traits.
Here, though, is the glorious, churning debut from a group that's still spawning imitators but few equals.
Moiseyev has had many imitators from all over the Soviet Union and its satellites and a few from outside that so-called Iron Curtain.
But Editors do it so much better than other imitators such as Interpol.
These businesses refute the belief that the Japanese are imitators.