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As I think back to Notre-Dame and its iconic rose window, transcendence and immanence come together in its circle.
First of all the political religions with immanence and transcendence as their components generate the political mythology which causes an unauthentic form of human being in the political world.
In order to explain "Beckett's plane of immanence," Vicks turns, briefly, to Deleuze and Spinoza, without mentioning a whole other tradition of Western philosophy that privileges a materialist view of immanence.
In fact, they write: "The plane of composition of art and the plane of immanence of philosophy can slip into each other to the degree that parts of one may be occupied by the entities of the other" (p.
I would have loved to help organize a theoretical and epistemological device able to receive this transformation; I have tried with the problem of the planes of immanence and the typology of planes of expression.
However, for Islam this is also a problem of immanence and transcendence.
Somehow, the immanence in question folds back upon itself in algorithmic fashion.
Immanence is probably one of the most important concepts in Deleuze's philosophy.
Feminism and environmentalism are explored through this lens, and the last two chapters solidify the author's thoughts on immanence and the potential union between old and new sets of value.
Immanence then, is a life and nothing else: complete power, complete bliss.
The individual becomes himself through the effort of the will, transcending the immanence of primordial melancholy.
Lang's concern, ultimately, is the perennial issue of immanence vs.