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Calling" as labeling and legislating--an act of division--can never quite rule out the first-person, expressive immanency of its Contrary, calling as invoking and summoning of the inward human form divine (as seen, for example, in "The Lamb," which tells that "We are called by [the] name" of one who "calls himself a Lamb" [SI; E 8-9], but whose own name remains unnamed).
Graham answers with two pronouns--"It" and "this"--what is the ghost except the immanency of, the presence of, the breath of a life once flesh, now the old life.
Almost 70% of downgrades affected classes already rated below 'B', generally reflecting an increase in the immanency of bond default rather than an increase in lifetime mortgage pool loss;
The presence of two unique spaces, that of the home and of the subconscious cemetery, as his father had killed himself in their house, made Hemingway perfectly aware of the closeness and immanency of death.