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The keyword immanent in the title suggests that all authors favor an approach to music that is not representational, which would entail subsuming things to the already-known.
The immanent frame involves the great disembedding, wherein individuals are cut loose from these meaningful surrounds.
The internet may be employed to share the views of immanent materialism synchronously, but its insertion into the scheming of the petro-citizen facilitates conflicting and unexpected effects in its architecture.
However, I am concerned about the limitations in protecting the vulnerable as he puts exclusive emphasis on the transcendental dimension of the other paired with a reluctance to recognize the immanent dimensions of the other.
He also deals with immanent universals as depicted in Armstrong's ontology (and the chapter has a wonderful summary of that ontology), namely, as multiply located entities spatially in or at the location of their exemplifiers.
One of the first thinkers that Deleuze relied on in constructing his immanent ontology is the 13th century Franciscan thinker Duns Scotus.
Though there is no evidence that Richardson studied Husserl, (3) still she was immersed in her era's debate about immanent perception, and Husserl's peculiar description of immanent awareness as involving both being and flow most fully accounts for the ambiguous nature of her Pilgrimage.
It also attempts to determine whether Marx's critique of the capitalist society falls within the domain of transcendental, minimalist, immanent or diagnostic forms of critique.
In a similar vein, essay seven shows that from the perspective of an immanent and differential theory of ideas, Difference and Repetition can be read as Deleuze's Critique of Pure Reason, while Anti-Oedipus can be understood as his Critique of Practical Reason (107).
At the heart of the Christian solution to the challenges posed by Gnostic ditheism, on the one side, and pagan pan- or cosmotheism, on the other, is (as Agamben emphasizes numerous times) a fundamentally unstable doctrine of the Trinity as an articulation of two inter-twined processes: one pertaining to God's eternal being, understood as a divine mode of self-relation, self-knowledge, or even auto-affection--an immanent trinity of substance; and one pertaining to God's eventful praxis--a trinity of revelation, or properly economic trinity, understood as the gratuitous dispensation of divine being in the world.
Summary: The United Nations has said that 750,000 people are at risk of immanent starvation as famine spreads to six out of eight of southern Somalia's regions.
ARCHBISHOP OF MECHELEN-Brussels Andre-Joseph Leonard has angered national leaders and Catholics in his country by saying people with HIV and AIDS are receiving "a kind of immanent justice" for "a loose lifestyle." Leonard's statements, published in a book of interviews recently released, have sparked national outrage in Belgium.