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The Absolute immanently constitutes nature through self-alienation, and nature in turn enables the deeper development of the absolute.
23) For true interplay to exist, matter must be allowed more than a "passive" role, and the power of Blake's artistic objects to cause change in the mind of the perceiver--rather than vice versa--is a testament to the immanently energetic infinitude of all material things for which his early philosophy argues.
The drugs themselves have been immanently enacted within the assemblage and could be assembled differently in the future.
The punching fist is a primal force whose manifestation as violence is an inherent rebellion against "hegemony"; thus the hand as an instrument of physical revolt contains the drawing hand immanently within itself.
Finally, not only is the goal of individual development the mediated unity of subject and object, consisting in the emergent subject's having available categories for thought and action that enable it to engage with its world freely, rationally, and harmoniously, it is also the case that the goal immanently being realized of mindedness or Spirit in-and-as Nature in general is the overcoming of brute opposition in favor of mediated unity in general.
My work of the past thirty years in economic philosophy has been guided by the conviction that not only must one link economics to religion if one is to comprehend it, but that the economy has come to occupy the place left vacant by the desacralization of the world, itself an immanently religious process, which characterizes modernity.
When Wikipedia concedes 'Minimalism is any design or style wherein the simplest and fewest elements are used to create the maximum effect', it quite throws the meaning away, because anything 'less is more' too transcendentally contradicts the immanently what-you-see-is-what-you-get of Minimalism proper.
Criticism, like translation itself, is not something immanently determined by the work: rather, it results from a specific process, a praxis that demands careful attention.
The play called for just two podiums and three actors--Brant added a mailman--so it was immanently producible.
Realists argued that universais, general concepts, exist really, independent of human thought, either transcendently (Plato's view) or immanently in the examples of the universal or species (Aristotle's view).
In this liquid cinema, the visual and sonic flux of the film would work immanently in and around the body of the viewer-perceiver, ontologically prior to the plane of representation.
Because God is always incarnational, always embodied, we can see God's transcendence immanently.