immaterial substance

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So the Metaphysics is an exposition of science in the most comprehensive sense, from the being of the natural world, even of prime matter (substance in the sense of substratum), to the reality of God, an immaterial substance (perfect substance as pure act or form).
The soul is an immaterial substance and hence it knows, grasps, assimilates even, that which is similarly immaterial.
Moreover, dualists have been unable to solve cogently how an immaterial substance can interact with a physical body.
11) Leibniz was opposed to both the idea of the reality of space and the idea of God as an extended immaterial substance.
Hume takes both material and immaterial substance to be inconceivable and Locke seems to remain agnostic about the issue.
1) It is also "an immaterial substance independent of any material substratum" (jawhar qa'im bi dhatihi) (2) and it therefore is something 'spiritual' (ruhani), free from any material basis.
The formulations from which he seeks to liberate these intuitions depict God as a single immaterial substance or subject whose timeless knowledge and causation of temporal events precedes time.
As McGinnis points out, this work sheds light on Avicenna's philosophy as a whole, for instance on his psychology and defense of "substance dualism," whereby "for Avicenna, the human intellect is not the form of the body, but an immaterial substance that is the perfection of the body and that uses the body as a tool" (p.
Moreover, the text does not say that man "received" a living soul, but rather "became" a living soul--which seems better understood as meaning a living organism that has animate life rather than as an immaterial substance which sets humans apart from other creatures.
Your body could be and perhaps is outlasted by the immaterial substance which is your soul or self.
44) At this point Thomas introduces a wholly new thought: it is not necessary that every immaterial substance is the end of some celestial movement.
Not if that means he attempts to explain anything mental by reference to immaterial substance.