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While, like most designs for the tree, this one emphasizes its fragility--it cannot support a man's weight--and is suggestive of a different kind of immateriality, that of conscious perception and memory.
For her part, Hamilton averred that the mind's immateriality made it inherently mysterious and unknowable (3); an immaterial mind was incomprehensible in a way that the physical body was not.
The question that Augustine sets out to answer in De Trinitate 5, then, is how the unity and diversity of the Father and Son can be spoken of in a way that preserves the immateriality of that relation.
We have already seen that the absolute immateriality of angels and demons definitively prevails in the theological discourse from the second half of thirteenth century onward, thus offering an orthodox framework that the subtle nuances suggested by the Franciscan school fail to alter.
However, when a court grounds dismissal on a finding of immateriality, it is effectively saying that there is no basis for liability even if it were proven that an executive misstated the facts with intent to deceive (i.
The immateriality of the electronic sphere accommodates humanity, perhaps because it lacks a physical dimension and can therefore accommodate naturally non-physical human features.
weakened" (378), both because of scientific theories that "have redrafted the nature of matter in such subtle and complex ways that the distinction between materiality and immateriality is dissolving" (297) and because contemporary narrative techniques "have increased the ever more popular skewing of the real and the Active, the warping of imaginary into actual" (325).
There are many other aspects, new or less new, legal or economic that are not covered here, from copyright, intellectual protection, the immateriality of some cultural or heritage phenomena (the dervishes in Turkey, cultural tourism in general) to two-sided markets, multi-sided platforms, and the act of creation.
It would be edifying to engage in a forum on the implications of this turn, including the extinction and immateriality of "vernacular" Indeed, I read in the organization's newsletter published after this volume came out that its board of directors has voted to change the name of its journal from perspectives in Vernacular Architecture to Buildings and Landscapes.
Anyone denying our immateriality can be confronted with the unanswerable existential questions: What is free will?
In its free-flowing plan, as in its immateriality, the Bloch Building is the perfect alternative to the massive, axial, inward-looking original.
People who fail to challenge authority because of the perceived immateriality on an individual transaction can ignore the growing impact on the financial statements.