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And in the garden beyond Roehampton I got a quan- tity of immature potatoes, sufficient to stay my hunger.
The young cells at the end of the branches of these corallines contain quite immature polypi, yet the vulture-head attached to them, though small, are in every respect perfect When the polypus was removed by a needle from any of th cells, these organs did not appear in the least affected.
Artistically, in some respects or all, the greater part of the romances are crude and immature.
To begin with, many instincts mature gradually, and while they are immature an animal may act in a fumbling manner which is very difficult to distinguish from learning.
However, there are also a lot who are too immature and wouldn't have a clue at 16.
Terming Kejriwal as "immature", Yadav said, "I felt that this politics of confrontation of order is an immature way of trying to achieve statehood.
PESHAWAR -- The services tribunal on Wednesday has stayed the notification regarding immature transfer of deputy director health services and issued notices to chief secretary Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, secretary health KP and director general (DG) health services KP.
Immature defense styles thus have immature and imbalanced results, and, mature defense styles have mature and balanced results.
Mr Parkhill said other prisoners saw him as "a target because he is big enough to be seen as someone who it is impressive to assault but immature enough that he cannot deal with it".
In the January 2014 issue, page 11, in a Continuing Education article, a lab leader offers the opinion that, the increasing automation of today's Hematology lab notwithstanding, "hematology specialists will still be needed to review cell morphology and release results on samples with abnormal or immature cells.
Last year, Robin All of University College London and colleagues demonstrated that immature retina cells from newborn mice could form rod cells--a type of light-gathering cell--that wire into the retinas of night-blind adult mice (SN: 5/19/12, p.
Washington, June 18 ( ANI ): Young women who have cancer treatment often lose their fertility because chemotherapy and radiation can damage or kill their immature ovarian eggs, called oocytes.