immature person

See: juvenile
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He said that Senate has its separate sanctity, adding that it was shameful act that an elected democratic government in Balochistan province was toppled and immature person made Chief Minister.
Britain Football Soccer - Manchester United v West Ham United - EFL Cup Quarter Final - Old Trafford - 30/11/16 Manchester United's Zlatan Ibrahimovic celebrates scoring their fourth goal - Reuters / Phil Noble CAIRO -- 13 December 2017: Manchester United striker Zlatan Ibrahimovic described Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola as an immature person.
He told the teenager that he continued to regard him as a risk to the public, adding: "I cannot disregard what you said earlier and how you are an impressionable, immature person susceptible to radicalisation.
I'm hoping it's only going to be the latter, but even I, the immature person that I am, know that I will be disappointed with the odds.
Some immature person once even likened religion to poison, can you believe it?
Of course, a child is an immature person requiring the care of others, so his parents (or legal guardians) properly raise him according to their own judgment (so long as they do not violate the child's rights).
I know how to present myself if I'm with older people, but when I'm with my friends, I'm the most immature person ever.
Adrian Dent, defending, said at the time Gilchrist was a confused, immature person, struggling with his own sexuality.
It is a film about an immature person starting to see herself and to gradually realize what her own desires are.
To a 15-year-old girl, who boasted of sleeping around, she wrote: "Far from being the mature person you think you are, you are a poor, sad child, a very frightened immature person, badly in need of someone older and wiser to take care of you.