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However, as with any need, if it is immaturely expressed it can interfere with effective leadership.
By January 1994, in grade 2, Jeffrey had serious headaches; he was under "significant stress", was making slow progress in school and was behaving immaturely. He underwent a full psycho-educational assessment and was diagnosed with a severe learning disability.
Age inappropriateness was defined as acting immaturely or inappropriately for one's age (alpha = 73).
Furthermore, it would immaturely involve countries like Russia and China who are waiting for the UN investigative committee to conclude its findings before deciding on the next step of action.
Many students responded positively yet immaturely to their intimate moments.
When we yell, the reactive, emotional side of our brain takes over and we act as immaturely as our kids," adds Hal.
Qandil said that the statements were taken out of context and presented immaturely. He claimed he was attempting to shed light on residential areas in order to stress their need for necessary care.
No doubt, both the government and the demonstrators or opposition leaders are making some mistakes, and sometimes behave immaturely and impulsively.
The plight of Kashmiri Pandit youth has been so far immaturely compensated by mere economic packages and jobs only, forgetting that the actual political scenario and their sense of insecurity needs to be addressed and they need to be given their rights in full and truly empowered without making much ado and politicizing their return for petty political gains.
In the NSA, whenever the T-Cells are produced, they undergo an immaturely period to learn which antigen recognition results in their death.
(4) To ensure that trade and economic bans are not immaturely lifted from the member states without a true change restoring the dignity and human rights of the minorities within Myanmar.
Among women who are accidentally pregnant and unprepared to raise a child, the ones who terminate their pregnancies are likely to be forward-thinking, realistic, and disciplined, whereas the ones who carry the child to term are more likely to be fatalistic, disorganized, or immaturely focused on the thought of a cute baby rather than an unruly adolescent....