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But, he said, as a result of the movement, the judiciary had become over adventurous and often acted immaturely.
I can't believe how the owner of the DBC could behave so immaturely, who talks like that?
It was highly bureaucratic and time taking job for fulfilling all the formalities but they tried immaturely to handle the military by issuing oral order to it for immediate action, but avoiding written order for military mobilization.
I could not act too old, too mature for my age, nor could I act immaturely.
If we are stupid enough to hand over our city centres to the young, then the immature will behave immaturely.
He raced a bit immaturely at York, taking a while to pick up, but he got the message late on and it looks like another furlong will do nicely.
It can help fearful children who act immaturely and try to cover up their mistakes.
Hart unintentionally shined a bright light on himself, exposing how brutal it can be when 17- and 18-year-old kids react immaturely to the pressures put upon them after getting caught up in their own delusional worlds fostered by media attention.
John Gibson, defending, told the court: "He behaved wrongly, immaturely and stupidly.
The United States has been ambivalent about diplomacy and too willing to contemplate violent measures; the Iranians have often behaved immaturely and needlessly provocatively; the Russians and Chinese have often been opportunistic and blase about nuclear proliferation; and the Gulf Arab states have been duplicitous in their diplomacy--telling each side what they want to hear.
Game hogs, he points out, act immaturely and without insight into the future.