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The RGO Kinetheodolite was moved to the South African Astronomical Observatory, where it was operated most successfully for 12 years, thanks largely to the efforts of Walter Grimwood who accompanied the Kine when it was moved to South Africa after having operated it at RGO, and it provided a wealth of observations on over 40 000 transits and contributed vitally to the accuracy and immeasurability to the reliability of orbit determination.
On the other hand, time is infinite because its permanent being-in-course cancels any possible reference to its actuality, although time's infinite past, which has been gone through and which thus should be viewed as 'given all at once', seems to pose some questions also about its real immeasurability.
Furthermore, the immeasurability of the caverns can also be linked to the seemingly endless possibilities in reading Kingston's work.
like Burke's God, his immeasurability inspired awe and terror: (25)
Rosenzweig begins with the nothing, the incommensurable, which must unfold (there is much of this new language in Iser) itself from inside itself to the traveling differential, the Leibnizian infinitesimal calculus that supposedly dissects God's immeasurability into an ever-emerging series of finite scissions, allowing translation of God's essence into self-[Rosenzweig's] performing realizations resulting in a continual self-specification of the world and an equally continuous flow of shifting configurations of the human self.
The letters deepen and refine our knowledge of Berlioz's lifelong idees fixes, among them the immeasurability of genius, the incompatibility of politics and art, the wonders of travel, the vicissitudes of love.