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Professor Robin Stowell, head of the Department of Music, said: ``Students of most musical persuasions will benefit immeasurably from the quartet's active presence at the heart of the department's musical and academic activities.''
``I've had three or four sessions of treatment and it's improved immeasurably.''
As a result of the relaxed way of life many of the residents report that health problems have improved immeasurably.
This in turn should prove immeasurably beneficial to our county teams.''
"Scottish food, Scottish hospitality and Scottish visitor attractions have improved immeasurably over recent years."
They were extremely active at the law School during their student days, and this gift demonstrates immeasurably from their presence here, as well as their financial support." Their endowment runs through 2007.
Yet it took until now for me to realize that it is not just lovable, it is immeasurably great, one of the uniquely superb works of twentieth-century dance, beside which most choreography seems at best futile, at worst presumptuous.
"It will make accessing goods and services immeasurably easier."
Wysong considers herself "immeasurably" enriched by the last two years.
PM benefits immeasurably from exploiting the radiantly healthy image of dance by having turned itself into the field's largest private donor.
"It will bring games and entertainment options with new levels of sophistication and make accessing services immeasurably easier."
Together these videos immeasurably enhance the library of dance tapes for purchase by the public and fill the gaping hole that existed without Balanchine's representation.