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develops and delivers next-generation data management solutions for information immediacy, discovery and continuity.
Whether placing art on a purely esthetic plane, transforming maleness into a spectator sport, or objectifying women as emblems of emotional hysteria, Schimert welcomes the characterization of her interests as perverse; social deviance, idealism, and sensual immediacy are the hallmarks of her art.
TIP's patent-pending Technology Heat Index(TM) factors in the current and planned usage of 39 different Information Security technologies, including Anti-Spyware, Identity Management, Endpoint Authentication, Firewalls, Security Management, and Enterprise Single Sign-On, prioritizing them based on the immediacy of planned implementation and near-term spending.
Both that proximity, if not intimacy, and Corbett's being a poet give his observations on the artist's late work a creditable immediacy.
The traces of this struggle are precisely what in vest the best of these paintings (Femme, with its unexpected echoes of Cubism, Adagietto, and Largo |all 1993~) with an emotional immediacy that transcends the artist's urge to secure his find within the sealed-off zone of art.
While the web offers immediacy for companies looking for the newest EDA products, DAC continues to be the best place for personalized selling and image building," says Lauro Rizzatti, vice president of worldwide marketing and general manager of EVE-USA.
The term "gestural abstraction" immediately calls to mind the heroicized bravura of Abstract Expressionism and Tachism, but Konig and Obrist go a long way toward expanding its capacity to articulate a complex relationship to spontaneity, immediacy, and other forms of subjective engagement.
As investors demand ever-increasing sophistication and immediacy of corporate information, companies are beginning to see that investor relations programs must have the internet as a key, or in many cases, as the leading element.
The immediacy index calculates how often an article is cited in the same year it is published.
Having set these debates aside, Musharbash is able to focus on the three concepts that frame Yuendumu Everyday: mobility, immediacy, and intimacy.