immediate forebear

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Archytas (like his immediate forebear Philolaus) carried his Pythagoreanism lightly: in that at least, Aristotle was right (pp.
It seems that every jobbing philosopher is obliged to display an epistemological scepticism more thorough, more sweeping, than his immediate forebear.
Their immediate forebears, reared anywhere from the 1950s through the 1980s, knew very modern identity categories such as girl, boy, student, son, daughter, Korean a largely without complexity or confusing complications such as having to make choices about who and how to be.
We know the masterpieces of the Russian avant-garde, but much of the work of their immediate forebears has been unjustly neglected.
It breaks the mold in many ways, not least of all its length, at around twice that of comparable works by immediate forebears, Mozart and Haydn, but also in that it's a real game changer, pointing classical music firmly in the direction of its Romantic period later in that century.
Now Felipe has taken the throne, Cristina no longer represents the crown aspart of the official royal family, which under Spanish law includes only theking, his spouse, his immediate forebears, his descendants and the crown prince.
Carle maintains chat these niche markets make good business sense due to the sheer numbers and variety of leading-edge boomers and their immediate forebears.
It would be very interesting to investigate how many of the defenders and deniers, or their immediate forebears, profited (some enormously) from either fire-sale-level purchase or outright illegal theft of the various properties of the Japanese--Americans who were interned.
He was barely (if at all) into his 20s when what would eventually become Hizbullah had its first stirrings, and while that organization and its immediate forebears were new and heavily influenced by a younger generation, its leaders - as Mughniyeh is widely alleged to have been from the beginning - tended to be a little older than that.
German identity has been buffeted by new generations of homegrown citizens whose immediate forebears came from other countries or chose to replenish the decimated Jewish community.
The story of Stephen's immediate forebears and his own upbringing up to the completion of his secondary education (pp.
And, unless our immediate forebears lived in isolation on some desert island or in a hidden and secluded valley or else practiced extreme cultural provincialism, were we to shake our respective family trees hard enough two or more ethnic and racial groups would statistically be guaranteed to fall out.

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