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IMMEDIATE. That which is produced directly by the act to which it is ascribed, without the intervention or agency of any distinct intermediate cause.
     2. For immediate injuries the remedy is trespass; for those which are consequential, an action on the case. 11 Mass. R. 59, 137, 525; 1 & 2 Ohio R. 342; 6 S. & R. 348; 18 John. 257; 19 John. 381; 2 H. & M. 423; 1 Yeates, R. 586; 12 S & R. 210; Coxe, R. 339; Harper's R. 113; 6 Call's R. 44; 1 Marsh. R. 194.
     3. When an immediate injury is caused by negligence, the injured party may elect to regard the negligence as the immediate cause of action, and declare in case; or to consider the act itself as the immediate injury, and sue in trespass. 14 John. 432; 6 Cowen, 342; 3 N. H. Rep. 465; sed vide 3 Conn. 64; 2 Bos. & Pull. New Rep. by Day, 448, note. See Cause.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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However, it is possible to reduce the characteristic openness of an interrogative sentence by means of certain linguistic mechanisms like expressions of immediateness and falling intonation, supported by gesturing.
One of the characteristics of the standard commercial transaction is usually its immediateness. The buyer and seller both have parallel interests in carrying things out in more or less the same time frame.
The outside as such is incompatible with a community that is so folded towards its inside that it institutes among its members a transparency without opacity, an immediateness without mediations, which constantly reduces each member to another who is no longer such since he is pre-emptively identified with the first.
Turned towards the presence, lost or impossible, of the absent origin, this structuralist thematic of broken immediateness is thus the sad, negative, nostalgic, guilty, Rousseauian face of the thought of free play of which the Nietzschean affirmation, the joyful affirmation of the free play of the world of signs without want, without truth, without origin would be the other face.
If we consider that emotiveness is more connected to the environmental factors than impulsiveness and that impulsiveness brings the subject to express with remarkable behavioural immediateness his biological contingent conditions (physical needs), through rigid and well tested schemes, it will be productive to study the subject in specific playful and social situations.
For the obsessive person the world is not inhabited by living things that appear as opportunities in the process of life, but by mere matter destined to decompose and die: 'The world in which the obsessives live has such a structure that their behaviour is dominated by horror and dread, not because of fear of death which may hit them in the near future, but because of the presence of death in sensory immediateness, warded off in disgust.' (1)
The concrete reality of religion is its verification in experiences, its transmutation into the animating force of life, into the impulse overwhelmingly felt to translate its message into the immediateness of an experience.
The internet is immediateness: in reply to their requests, web surfers get answers, information and pictures on the spot.