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IMMEMORIAL. That which commences beyond the time of memory. Vide Memory, time of.

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Before Tarzan came upon his first visit, La had had no thought that such men as he existed, for she knew only her hideous little priests and the bulls of the tribe of great anthropoids that had dwelt from time immemorial in and about Opar, until they had come to be looked upon almost as equals by the Oparians.
a phrase likewise of immemorial use on another occasion.
The servants said they would follow the fashion, a fashion grown sacred through immemorial observ- ance; they would scatter fresh rushes in all the rooms and halls, and then the evidence of the aristocratic visitation would be no longer visible.
I closed up alongside of a burly fellow with a fat good-humored face, purposing to make myself agree- able and pick up some further crumbs of fact; but I had hardly more than scraped acquaintance with him when he began eagerly and awkwardly to lead up, in the immemorial way, to that same old anecdote -- the one Sir Dinadan told me, what time I got into trouble with Sir Sagramor and was challenged of him on ac- count of it.
This dark old square of canvas, my fair cousin," said he, "has been an heirloom in the Province House from time immemorial.
It seemed as if the picture, while hidden behind the cloud of immemorial years, had been all the time acquiring an intenser depth and darkness of expression, till now it gloomed forth again, and threw its evil omen over the present hour.
In vain the doors of the upper entry had been locked; the ghost either carried a duplicate key in its pocket, or availed itself of a ghost's immemorial privilege of coming through the keyhole, and promenaded as before, with a freedom that was alarming.
I said secretly, because the Fairy had warned the Queen that the King was a magician; and as from time immemorial there had been a standing feud between the Fairies and the Wizards, he might not have approved of his wife's visit.
SCOTLAND has had its own legal system from time immemorial.
Since time immemorial, the Filipino people have been looking for a leader with bold ideas, a leader who can and will make happen drastic and meaningful changes in our beloved Philippines.
THE Great British pub is a national institution and has been part of our community life since time immemorial.
As the book's introduction states, "Humans have been looking at birds since time immemorial.