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His Editorial Immenseness, RoyBoy, just squiggled an eyebrow.
However, assignments are assignments, and for the first time His Illuminated Immenseness Roy-Boy wasn't even snickering or sneering when he said, "I think you might like these.
Here's proof His Illuminated Editorial Immenseness Roy-Boy actually reads my stuff
The message from His Illuminated Immenseness RoyBoy was terse as a curse: "Drive 322 miles to [BigUgly] City *.
Be careful what you wish for, Art--ya might get it, good an' hard/I'm working on a little one, "The Tao of Connor, "fulla gems, gravel and road-kibble, and a behemoth collection of Guncrank and Odd Angry Shot (from GUNS) columns, including all the good stuff that cruel editors like His Immenseness Roy-Boy and Jeff John cut out of "em to comply with their silly word-count restrictions.
His Editorial Immenseness doesn't dictate anything to us about that either way, so here goes.
That young officer was our own Roy-Boy, now the Publishing Potentate, long before he was even His Illuminated Editorial Immenseness.
That's his new title, y'know, though you can still address him as "His Illuminating Immenseness.
So, as the qualified Editorial Immenseness here, I'll take over.