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With his glass he scrutinized every quarter of the horizon; he saw the last rising ground gradually melting to the dead level, and the last vegetation disappearing, while, before him, stretched the immensity of the desert.
The very last inequalities of the soil disappeared with the setting sun, whose horizontal rays stretched in long lines of fire over the flat immensity.
In the immutability of their surroundings the foreign shores, the foreign faces, the changing immensity of life, glide past, veiled not by a sense of mystery but by a slightly disdainful ignorance; for there is nothing mys- terious to a seaman unless it be the sea itself, which is the mistress of his existence and as inscrutable as Destiny.
In the empty immensity of earth, sky, and water, there she was, incomprehensible, firing into a continent.
Mingling the immensity of his dreams with the immensity of the ocean, he came, his horse going at a foot's pace, to a hill from the top of which he perceived behind a hedge, reclining on the sand and catching in its passage one of those rays of the sun so rare at this period of the year, seven men surrounded by empty bottles.
Here a scene burst upon the view of Captain Bonneville, that for a time astonished and overwhelmed him with its immensity.
This projectile was but an atom in the immensity of the ocean.
The wind was fair but fitful, and it was like looking for a needle in a haystack to raise that tiny boat out of the blue immensity.
Lovecraft's brand of cosmic horror has long forced readers to an inexorable truth --there are powers in the universe whose immensity dwarfs petty human conflicts.
In this task they have been assisted by a UK government clearly struggling with the immensity of the task, hobbled by a bad general election campaign and led by a Prime Minister in a weak position.
The source expressed conviction that "brothers" in Baghdad and Irbil realize the immensity of the challenges and the difficulty of the stage their nation, and the region, are going through.
Icelandic poet Magnus Sigurdsson captures the microexpressions of nature within his delicate lines, accruing in stanzas no less spare for the immensity of ideas contained within them.