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In the Diamond Destiny, it is Nesta who is in the spotlight as she struggles to immerse herself in a charity and make it financially solvent, and naturally, brings her mates along.
Short courses and continuing education programs fill an important need for most professionals, but students who immerse themselves in an MBA program while working fulltime have a chance to really explore these subjects in a unique way.
The key, Lindsay says, is to immerse molecules in solutions rich in electrically charged particles, or ions.
By staying close to its roots and knowledge base, Ashland has been able to immerse itself in this "new" market, while also re acquainting itself with this different customer base.
Users simply immerse a sterile laryngeal mirror into the glass beads for 3 to 5 seconds and allow the mirror to cool for a few seconds before examinations.
Try this: To truly immerse yourself in the joy of being a spirit within a physical body, think of yourself as a "good" animal.
To make use of it, one would need to immerse onself as fully as he did in the primary sources and then quibble with patterns that Cabantous himself only sketches out with numerous exceptions.
The participants had to immerse themselves totally in the situation, the scene, the context, and the environment, imagining who they were, thinking how the plot was going to develop, and making decisions on what to say, how to act, how to interact, and how to direct the flow of the role-play.
But the icing is "Dressings" by some girl named Holly who immerse her journalistic self into all that was LA style back in yonderyore.
The authors say their experience shows that "Few are intimately familiar" with the Book of Common Prayer, few immerse themselves in its rituals or view them imaginatively (98).
BOSTON -- Vordel, the API Server provider connecting business, mobile and cloud, today announced it is hosting a free half day Immerse workshop in San Francisco on Wednesday, October 3.
5, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Immerse Agency - a full-service, Boston, MA-based marketing and public relations firm - today announced the signing of six new clients in the company's first 30 days in business.