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And that points to reason two: that Depp - apparently trying not to be just a pretty face - immerses himself so much in the role that you can forget just how good he is.
Our Immerse workshop series is designed to give IT stakeholders an understanding of the issues at play and how they can best prepare themselves to both leverage the opportunities these technologies present and protect against the dangers they pose.
I enjoy writing music full stop, so whether it's an orchestra or rock, I immerse myself in it," Contactmusic quoted him as saying.
Vaiko said: "It is in these historic (Marina) beach waves, that we immerse the ashes of our beloved mother.
I can assure you that there is everything that is pedagogically wrong with bilingual education as it is currently structured and everything that is right with the aim to immerse students in English in order to teach them English.
To complete their setup, the researchers immerse the photocell and a platinum electrode in a weak acid solution.
The contract will see Zublin building three tunnel elements each with a length of 100m on site in a dry dock and immerse them at their final location in a trench dredged into the river bed, whereas Royal Boskalis Westminster the other partner in the joint venture will dredge the 20m-deep trench.
3 (ANI): Concerned with the increased levels of pollution in Ganga river after the recent immersion festival, a voluntary organization in Varanasi has asked people not to immerse idols in it, which have chemicals or artificial colours.
From exciting student competitions and top academic resources to assessment tools and career exploration materials, JETS programs immerse students in engineering and technology and offer a unique approach to learning for students and their teachers.
Varanasi, Sept 19 (ANI): To prevent the river Ganges from getting further polluted, the Ganga Mahasabha, a voluntary organisation, in Varanasi, has asked people not to immerse idols in it, which have chemicals or artificial colours.
Karachi, July 5 (ANI): Hundreds of Hindus based in Sindh province would now be able to travel to India to immerse the ashes of their ancestors in the holy River Ganga, as they have been granted visas after decades of denial by the Pakistani authorities.