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Short courses and continuing education programs fill an important need for most professionals, but students who immerse themselves in an MBA program while working fulltime have a chance to really explore these subjects in a unique way.
But Pearce is like Depp in that he seems to immerse himself in a role.
The act of walking with the community and witnessing the event immerses one in contemplation on the meaning of suffering.
Creating a rich world for the mobile market where players can immerse themselves at any time or any place is truly rewarding," said Katherine Kang, CEO, Fountainhead Entertainment.
Shadow Ops: Red Mercury' completely immerses gamers in the cinematic feel and gripping Hollywood-style action of the game.
Tao Berman's Extreme Kayaking immerses the player in fast-paced river racing and stunt courses, giving them the ability to compete in championships against computer opponents or against friends in various multiplayer modes.
Based on Transparent Language's Transparent Method(TM), LanguagePro immerses users in a compelling, interactive environment that includes realistic dialogs, interactive games, pronunciation activities and reference tools that offer users an opportunity for frequent, successful experiences in a foreign language.
StarRider immerses audiences in spectacular panoramic scenes that are generated in a sixtieth of a second.
The program immerses call center reps in realistic situations with actual inbound callers allowing them to identify needs and solve problems quickly.
Drawing upon classic film footage, and advanced image generation and simulation technology, E&S will partner with The Tussauds Group to produce a 3D full-color show that transports and immerses the audience on an exciting virtual journey to some of New York City's most memorable moments.
Text-Based Role-Playing Game, VR-1 Crossroads, Fully Immerses
An IPIX immersive image "teleports" people to and immerses them in a three-dimensional, 360-degree by 360-degree image.